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So this is my very first blog entry. I have no idea what to write. really, nothing. I guess I will just start out by saying I hate the word "Blog" and would like this to a have a cuter word, but for now I guess we are stuck with seems to have caught on.  

I really can't see myself writing about our products all the time or envisioning anyone really wanting to take time out of their hectic lives to read about them all that much. When we do have a new product I am excited about, of course I will share it here but I also want to speak form my heart and share other things that move and inspire me.

So, on my very first ever EHC Blog page I would like to share the background story behind a very special pillow that we sell. It was one of the very first ones I designed and happens to now be one of our best sellers.

I named it "The Rachel Pillow" after Rachel Rede Augustine.

Rachel was and I guess always will be both of my twin daughter's best friend all through high school..almost until the end.

I will never forget the first time I met her, she was just shy of 14 and I actually heard her soft voice coming from my kitchen as I walked down the hallway. She was petite with a blond, short bob, in her uniform of tight jeans and a big hoodie. As soon as we were introduced compliments just poured out of her. She loved my home, my chicken casserole, my decorating, my outfit...and I loved this girl.  

Rachel became known as the third twin to our friends and family. We were her second home and I became used to seeing her shoes by the front door and her smiling face singing in my rear view mirror as I drove them around. My girls had never shared a friend before, but she just fit and she gave each twin what they needed. They celebrated their birthdays together, got ready for games and dances together, overcame arguments, cried in each other's arms, and passed out on our sofas after school.   

Rachel was that teenage best friend you see in movies and on TV, but they never seem real. She was hysterical and was always making people laugh, she gave you her heart and was tender and vulnerable, but she was tough and protective, especially of my girls. She could make anything a blast, from eating a sandwich to hanging out in the front yard. She lived for weekends and sleepovers and hanging out with her friends but she knew when to draw the line. I actually expected her and my girls to get into more trouble than they actually did. She was also sensitive and insecure and struggled with her own vision of who she was and how she deserved to be treated...she reminded me of me when I was 17. We had lot of long talks and discovered we had very similar circumstances growing up. I hoped that by my sharing my own struggles, that she would decide for herself that she was strong enough to overcome her own. At some point, she reached her limit and had to just let go...of her loving family, of my girls, of everything, but we will never let go of her. In a sense I feel like my girls will always need her just as they did in high school. When they were truly in pain, they always knew Rachel would understand and help them through it. 

When I read this pillow "We are more than just friends, we are like a really small gang" I picture my little gang of girls, fourteen years old, wearing shorts and flip flops, Rachel making them all laugh, walking arm and arm down the I watched from my bedroom window.  

Rachel gave my girls and us about a million memories to hold onto...and for that we are grateful. 

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