Build it and they will order...building your brand one step at a time.

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One of the most challenging, exciting and creative parts of my business has been to build my brand image, logo, packaging, etc. I am sharing this because as consumers we often do not see all the behind the scenes work and research that goes into this important process. Mine began simply...with a logo I quickly created in order to get tags made for my pillows. I knew it was not going to last. To be honest, it was horrible looking and not a reflection of the love and devotion I wanted to pour into this company. Then I splurged, questioned my own taste and paid a company way too much money to design one for me. They created a beautiful logo but it just was not me and it didn't make me happy every time I looked at it or wrapped up an order. I pour so much of myself into this business that I felt the brand needed to reflect my tastes. So, I went back to simple. I wrote down things I love and combed through magazines and Pinterest for ideas. I came up with a list. I needed something bolder to stand out in retail stores. My clients are usually women and I wanted something soft but strong that they would relate too. I love pink and black and stripes and flowers and gold! I did not have a big budget, or a focus group to guide me, so I went with a vision of how I wanted my company to appear to my customers. Then one glorious day I found "IT"....on Etsy...waiting for me all along...created by a talented graphic designer. When I saw it I just knew and everything else flowed from postcards, business cards, new packaging, press sheet. I had a business long before I had a brand image, it just worked out that way. Now, every time I hand my card to a stranger, I feel like my card tells them a little bit about who I am and my business from the design. When I wrap up an order with my pretty bags and company bio feels right to me. Let your brand be a shining reflection of you. Put your heart into it, listen to that voice inside of yourself that says "I got this". Build your brand one step at a time like I did and everything will come together the way it's supposed to. The beauty is in the details, so do not settle for anything less.


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