Even pillow designers love pretty kitchens...

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So excited to finally share before and after photos of my kitchen refresher. Since the backsplash and granite counters are very pretty and since we are not made of money, we kept them and decided to work around them. We had our cabinets brightened up in ivory and our island in a tan-grey color that I just love and am using all over my home...bathroom cabinets, reading nook, fireplace mantle.

I decided to use green and yellow color accents and the mismatched HOME letters are from Michaels...with a coupon and my military discount of course.  

The floors!!! I bet you thought I would never get to them. We stripped our old orange oak floors and decided to go with a dark grey brownish-grey very matte finish. There is a lot going on in our house décor and detail wise, so we felt matte would be a nice compliment to everything else. We paid a little extra for a commercial grade finish and we just love them!

Lighting...hit Lowe's on a great day and found my new fancy chandeliers on sale.

Next up...our stairway...

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