Faith over Fear

Posted by Kirsten Tarman on

I will be honest and admit that I have let fear derail me many times in my life. Some of these actually turned out to be a blessing but I have also let it cripple me and stop me from experiencing and enjoying many things. I am really trying to work on this at this stage in my life. I know this is something that women deal with more than men, and I think a lot of us were raised to be fearful by our parents, simply out of wanting to protect us and keep us safe. I probably did this to some extent with my own daughters. My message for today is to question your fears if you think they are holding you back. I have begun to do this and it has caused me to go ahead and do some things I may not have done before. When the voice of fear starts to speak now, I quiet it and push through it, knowing it's not really a part of my life now, it's the past and I am so much bigger and stronger than my fears.


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