My "blah" office is getting a makeover...stay tuned.

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So this is my home office. It also happens to be where I design, plan, wrap and ship my orders and it does double duty as an easy place for friends and clients to drop by and shop. I realized that it is NOT a reflection of me, yet it's where I spend a good chunk of my life. When we first moved into our new home I was so excited and relieved to even have an office. Prior to this my office was our dining room table and the hallway. Over flowing with pillows and jewels, shipping materials, paperwork and my little messes. Now that I have settled into our home it's time to give this space some love. I have crazy big plans for this space, on a budget of course and I can't wait to begin the transformation. I have so many ideas that I have been working on editing my needs and wants into something that I can actually accomplish. Wants...pretty, sparkly, calming, unique, inspiring. Needs...organized, lots of storage, easy to work in and wrap, comfy and welcoming for clients to shop and relax in. Here I go!

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