My first post for 2017! You are worth fighting for...

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I have to admit that I am not a blog person. I love other people's Blogs, I just don't really like writing mine. I know it's necessary to promote my biz. This blog is my first of a brand, new, sparkling new year. 2016 was, well, to be honest atrocious for me and I never say that word. It was filled with loss, illness, a horrible surgery, stress and scary new changes that I am still not sure if they will turn out to be good or bad. It was also a year that my family settled into our new home, that my business grew and new friendships deepened. I am looking for so much more in 2017. More happiness, more healing, more laughter, more time. I am posting this pillow because I really relate to it and so does almost every women I know of a certain age. It's important to remind myself on a daily basis to love myself, with all the scars, baggage, PTSD and stuff I still need to work on, because it has often been a fight to hold on to the parts of me that are worth fighting for. Let's all fight in 2017 through talking and LISTENING, reaching out and helping, breathing in and letting go. Fight for inner and outer peace, fight for love, fight for what you believe to be good and right and fight for the people you love.   

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