Shades of green...

Posted by Kirsten Tarman on

I have always loved green! I use it nearly every room in my home on walls, accents, bedding. I think it feel like I am bringing nature inside and it provides a sense of calm. Green is also a great either compliments other colors or makes them and green, red and green, purple and green, rust and green...all favs. Here are my two newest green velvet pillows. One is a rich, timeless olive green and the other is a soft, moss green. I love displaying the olive green to warm up a space and during the fall season. The moss green can go from a summer pillow to a holiday pillow with the change of a pin. We handmake them to order and they are limited and the holiday season are when they sell out very quickly. Hope you enjoy looking at them and that they inspire you to create natural beauty with a bit of glam in your home or perhaps to gift someone truly special.


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