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  • There are times in all of our lives when we feel like we are fighting. Fighting to get our health back, fighting for our independence, our relationship, our children, our job or just to make it through one more day. I have found that certain habits help me to keep going when I am not sure if I can really do what I need to overcome challenging situations that seem to take everything I have. Making a commitment to taking care of myself, eating at nutritious as possible and daily exercise to regain my health, stamina and strength has become my consistent source of feeling strong and powerful again. There have been times in my life that I have been so sick or injured I could not get out of bed, or walk around the block for months at a time and I could feel my body becoming weaker by the day. So every extra step or extra weight is a milestone for me now that I celebrate. I walk into the gym and make a commitment to let it all go in there. I work as hard as I can so when I leave I feel like a sponge with all the pressure wrung out of me. Letting go through music and getting lost in my own body allows me to separate myself from what ever is going on in my life. Some days I do not feel like going, so I tell myself I just need to show up. Once I get there something takes over and I am ready to give my body what it needs to thrive. I leave feeling a sense of calm and accomplishment and this carries over into every aspect of my life. We sometimes have to use every single tool we have in our box to make it through life and become stronger in the process and you have to start somewhere. This post is about pushing forward and not giving up on yourself no matter what you are facing because you are worth it!  Six months ago I was grateful if I could walk once around the block...very slowly. Now I am walking several miles, but it had to begin with that first step and accepting my limitations and believing I my own potential.     

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