1 Jewel = 30 Ways to Wear

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It’s all in the details and that is what makes them different then brooches and necklaces you see everywhere else.
Our design enables you to easily and securely use them on all types of soft and firm surfaces such as...*hats *handbags *totes *scarves *lapels *elastic hair bands *boot straps *throw pillows *drapery tie backs *table settings *baskets *decorative boxes *chair covers *bows *place cards *gifts *wreaths *holiday stockings *table runners *party favors *bridal bouquets *candles* *lampshades and more.
The necklaces even become holiday ornaments by substituting a ribbon for the chain.
They also look great against all types of fabrics…
denim, velvet, linen, name it.

 ORDERING PILLOWS WITH PINS-  Various pillows and totes with pins displayed on them throughout our site give you ideas and inspiration. All pillows and pins are sold separate and we try to provide the coordinating product links on the product page. We encourage you to be creative and send us your photos to post on our site.

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