Ruby Red Bow Necklace-Brooch-Bouquet Pin

  • $ 24.45


Our magnificent ruby red bow glistens with richly colored red crystals set in dark silver. However you choose to wear it or display it, it will make any outfit, scarf, gift, handbag or pillow stand out and be noticed. It's a classic holiday perfect statement piece with all wrapped up with a fresh twist. 

The most versatile piece of jewelry ever! Enjoy all the great style and uses of our pins, plus you can also wear it as a necklace or display as a holiday ornament. Includes a matching stainless steel chain that will stay nice and shiny forever.Our signature collection of affordable, innovative jewelry for your home, fashions, holidays and more! These are not standard brooches, they have a unique back that enables them to be used on soft and firm surfaces easily. Display them on scarves, handbags, elastic hair bands, totes, hats, pillows, wreaths, place settings, gifts, boot straps, lapels, bridal bouquets and more. 

 Size: 2 x 2 inches
Pin is zinc alloy metal
Stainless steel 18.75 inch chain

Please keep away from children.