Candle Pins-Halloween Glam Witch and Spider Necklace-Pin just $19.50...while we have them in stock!

  • $ 19.50


Grab this fabulously spooky (but classy) Halloween set before it's gone and our best price ever!

Set includes our shiny spider necklace with 19 inch matching chain and it can also be worn as a pin...or placed on decorations at your home or office. Our "nice witch" is a cute pin to glam up any outfit, scarf, hat, handbag or décor.

On sale now for the just may want to pick up a few to "treat" your friends as well. 

Introducing our new collection of affordable, innovative jewelry for your home, fashions, holidays and more! This piece celebrates Halloween in style.  These are not standard necklaces, they have a unique back that enables them to be worn as a necklace or as a pin  and used on soft and firm surfaces easily. Display them on scarves, handbags, elastic hair bands, totes, hats, pillows, wreaths, place settings, gifts, boot straps, lapels, bridal bouquets and more.

Display on pillows, wreaths, table settings, bags, and more.