Double Sided Pillows

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Our vision is to create beautiful, neutral pillows that evoke a positive emotion and make someone smile.
Our pillows are unique...we custom design every single one with coordinated sayings and original designs on the front and back…they look lovely on their own and compliment nearly every color scheme and decor style.  
They make a personal statement in your home or business and are a heartfelt, thoughtful gift as well.
They all have zippers so changing them is easy...and you can switch them out for different holidays and seasons. 
We also offer our specially designed pins to enhance them even more.
ORDERING PILLOWS WITH PINS- We have various pillows and totes with pins displayed on them throughout our site to give you ideas and inspiration. All pillows and pins are sold separate and we have tried our best to provide the coordinating product links on the product page. We encourage you to be creative and share them with us to post on our site.
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