Save Water Drink Champagne Washable Tote

  • $ 19.50


FRONT - Save Water- Drink Champagne
BACK - I Could Do Yoga…Or I Could Put On My Yoga Pants And Drink Wine


Size: 15 inches high by 22 inches wide

Zipper across the top.
Waterproof, fully lined.
Machine wash cold and lie flat to dry.

Starfish sold separately. 

TOTETALK…Our easy breezy tote bags with designs on both sides are made to go anywhere and everywhere!

We envision people looking at the sayings on our totes and hopefully bringing a smile to their faces. They are sized for throwing in everything you need…from groceries to a day at the beach, the gym, travel, kid stuff, girl stuff, laundry and more, but not being, you know, too big.

They are solid black with pretty contrasting color designs…not too bright, just right, lightweight and fold up nice and small to tuck in a suitcase.

Don’t forget about your friends….These make great gifts for all ages! Hint-my teens take them from me and my Mom asked for one too. Want to give a truly unique, memorable gift? Throw one of our pillows inside and adorn with a pin and you have just given someone the perfect combo of versatility, beauty and style…and they will think you shopped for days!   Use the tote, display the pillow, wear the pin, you can’t go wrong!