The Story of Evelyn Hope Collection

Kirsten at work
Our company name, Evelyn Hope Collection is comprised of
my twin daughters' middle names. 
I am also the PROUD wife of a military yes, we move a lot!

We are a family owned company specializing in spreading charm through our pillows,  totes and jewels. We design all of our styles, select our own fabrics and materials and have them specially made just for us.
The path that led me here...

 I think I was just born with a very strong work ethic. My first job was at twelve years old as a maid in a little motel by the sea in Pacific Grove, California…it was the only place that would hire a twelve year old and I worked there for two summers to pay for my school clothes. I began working in retail at 16 and was managing a fine jewelry store by 18. I was out on my own at 17 and working three jobs at once while attending community college. My professional life has taken many different directions, from wedding event planner and boutique owner, to restaurant owner, decorator and successful realtor.

Seven years ago our lives changed forever when my daughter became critically ill with Stevens Johnson Syndrome/TENS. She barely survived and was in a coma for nearly a month. We nearly lost her a few times and at times her medical team gave us no hope that she would survive. For two months I shut the world out and focused on her and getting her twin sister through the ordeal. When she did finally recover we were told she was a medical miracle...a very rare survivor of a very deadly syndrome. When I walked out of the hospital pushing her wheelchair I was so naïve as the medical nightmare had only just begun. I abruptly stopped working for the first time in my life to focus on helping her heal. I then assumed the role of being her medical care manager which became a full time job in itself. Juggling eight different specialists, surgeons, referrals, insurance, doctors, surgeries, procedures and medications while homeschooling her and moving where ever the military sent us (Washington DC, Paris  Virginia, Colorado). She was never well enough to attend school or play sports and she had several doctor's appointments a week in addition to constant infections and surgeries. Today, we are still trying to manage her care and find ways to help her continue to heal and grow stronger. I am sharing this because this is who I am and what led me to creating this business concept...some people become defined by their goals and dreams, successes or their setbacks, but those are all the "extras" for me. Being the mom my twins need me to be is the very core of who I am and it sets the standard for everything else I do in my life.    

In 2013 I decided I wanted to try to work again but my life presented me with several limitations. Being there for her at every doctor’s appointment and hospital stay was my top priority, so I needed a job where I could work from anywhere at any time. Being a military wife means we move ALOT, so obtaining a job or opening a brick and mortar business was not a viable option for me. I decided I wanted to create products I love and that others would hopefully love to give and receive, and that I could manage from anywhere in the world. A lot of my work is done at midnight, in my pj's, filling orders and designing pillows. but it's really about whatever gets the job done! 

I began my company in 2014 with just two styles of throw pillows to sell and loads of hope. When they sold out at Merrifield's in Gainesville, Virginia and friends began requesting special themes, my husband and I decided to take a chance and launch our company with an ever changing and varied selection of products for all kinds of special people, places and occasions. I jokingly say at times in my life my motto has been "go big or go home" which is ok for a tattoo no one can see but maybe not when starting a new business. I realized if I wanted to really make this business succeed I had to find out what sold and what did not, so I created over a hundred different themes over the course of three years. I have big plans for us and I have poured my heart and soul into this little company and I hope it shows. Our family has suffered some setbacks and endured many challenges along the way and I am only sharing this because I know there may be someone who reads this with their own set of challenges and I want them to know that just because you cannot do everything you want to when you want to, it's all about acceptance and doing the best you can. The business will grow and expand the way it's meant to and I have learned how to use my time, energy and resources wisely. I have also learned to rely on my faith and give my worries to God. 

Starting this new company has been a both a labor of love and a leap of faith, but I know this is what I am meant to pursue. I hope our products reach the right people who love, appreciate and share them.

We believe in the power of a positive message…they make thoughtful gifts to share with the people in your life, and an even better treat for yourself. I am always changing out my pillows in my home depending on my mood or what I may be facing in my life as positive reminders that no matters what happens "I got this".

We want our website to have a boutique feel more than a big, boxy feel, so we want to offer you as many choices as possible. We also want you to discover new products every time you visit us or see our products in a store, so we are constantly trying out new styles and changing up designs to keep things fresh. In order to do this we do not keep large quantities in if you find what you are looking for, we suggest you order it or send us an email and we will let you know how long it should be available.

 We have a retail website and we sell wholesale to select retailers. 

You can also find us on Facebook and Pinterest. I am always trying to post creative, inspiring I would love it if you followed us.

Some Important stuff...

We are located in Colorado and our products are professionally inspected, packaged and shipped by Box In/Box Out of Madison, VA. Why I set up a separate shipping company? As a military wife I knew I would not be able to move my inventory every time we moved, especially if they sent us overseas, so a friend recommended them to me. They ship most of my orders and I also ship from my home and it works better for my customers because they get their orders much faster. All orders are wrapped in pretty tissue or our custom made sheer fabric pillow and jewelry bags, with a thank you label and a postcard about our company.

SHIPPING RATES- The rates we charge on our site are often less than we actually pay to ship your products, but we are trying to keep the shipping costs to our customers as low as possible. Our pillows cost more to ship because of their size. We try to use the best rate possible when shipping, so sometimes an item may take a few days to reach you. 

Orders are typically sent out within 12-48 hours.

RETURNS- We cannot accept returns due to our ever changing holiday and seasonal items. However, we do want you to be 100% happy with your purchase, so if you have any concerns please email us at and we will respond promptly.

BACK ORDERS- We try to keep our website updated when products sell out, but in the event a product is back ordered we will promptly notify you with the estimated delivery date and you may wait for the product or cancel it. So far, we have never had a product backordered, so we hope to keep it that way.

PRICING- We strive to keep our website pricing and retail store pricing as close as possible. Pricing our products is up to the discretion of the retailer and certain regions may charge more or less then our site due to operational costs.  

WHOLESALE ORDERS- Please check out our wholesale information page.   

CHARITY-NON-PROFITS- We want to help out anyway we can...drop us an email and we will see what we can accomplish together.

 Lastly...Our business is personal; it is our passion and a reflection of us. We truly appreciate your support and thank you for visiting our site.

Peace, love and pillows...Kirsten