The path that led me here...

I think I was just born with a very strong work ethic. My first job was at twelve years old as a maid in a little motel by the sea in Pacific Grove, California…it was the only place that would hire a twelve year old and I worked there for two summers to pay for my school clothes.  I began working in retail at 16 and was managing a high end jewelry store by 18. I was out on my own at 17 and working three jobs at once while attending community college. My professional life has taken many different directions, from wedding event planner and boutique owner, to restaurant owner, decorator and successful realtor.

Seven years ago our lives changed forever when my daughter became critically ill with Stevens Johnson Syndrome. I abruptly stopped working for the first time in my life to focus on helping her heal. I then assumed the role of being her medical care manager which became a full time job in itself. Juggling eight different specialists, surgeons, referrals, insurance, doctors, surgeries, procedures and medications while homeschooling her and moving where ever the military sent us (Washington DC, Paris and Virginia again in four short years).

  In 2013 I decided I wanted to try to work again but my life presented me with several limitations. Being there for her at every doctor’s appointment and hospital stay was my top priority, so I needed a job where I could work from anywhere at any time. Being a military wife means we move ALOT, so obtaining a job or opening a brick and mortar business was not a viable option for me. I decided I wanted to create products I love and that others would hopefully love to give and receive, and that I could manage from anywhere in the world.

I began Evelyn Hope Collection (my twin daughter’s middle names) in December of 2013 with just two styles of throw pillows to sell and loads of hope. When they sold out at a local store and friends began requesting special themes, my husband and I decided to take a chance and launch our company with an ever changing and varied selection of products for all kinds of special people, places and occasions. In September of this year my husband deployed to the Middle East for a year (his third time) and I moved yet again, packing up all my products and focusing on making it the success I know it can be. I have big plans for us and I have poured my heart and soul into this little company and I hope it shows.