This business is for sale...

Due to ongoing health issues I have to decided to sell my entire business. 
Please go to my facebook page for all the details...or email me for info. 
Wholesale info...

We carefully design our pillows and totes to reflect what we believe someone would cherish and enjoy for years to come. Our fabrics and designs are neutral so they will compliment nearly every color scheme and decor and are easy to give as gifts. All covers are zippered at the bottom so they can be changed easily for every reason and season. All inserts are polyester, mold resistant and made in the USA.

HOLIDAYS and MILESTONES…many of our designs are created with special occasions in mind, bringing customers to your store for the perfect gift or to treat themselves. Graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, New Baby, Showers, Seasons and Holidays.

Our theme specific pillows for children, teens, grandparents, daughters, sisters, parents, baby, twins, pets and hobbies are a great way to have the perfect products available for your specific clientele year round.

PRICING...We understand that our prices online must match our retail prices and are at the discretion of the retailer. Online shoppers wait for their products and pay shipping fees which they will not have to pay in a store. We create small quantities and are constantly changing our products.

TIME LINE FOR ORDERING- In stock items will ship within five days. Please allow 4-6 weeks for custom orders and out of stock items. We strive to keep shipping costs as low as possible. Order fulfillment is promptly processed from our facility in Colorado.

Custom Orders

Exclusive designs are available! We offer our designs with any saying you choose on pillows and totes and create custom pins and necklaces with a minimum order and design fee.

For more information, please drop me an email and we will send you our 2018 Wholesale Catalog PDF...thank you for visiting our site and taking time out of your busy day to learn about our products.