Vintage Sweet Vintage

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FRONT - Vintage Sweet Vintage
BACK - Life takes you to unexpected places Love brings you home.


Evelyn Hope Collection offers a wide variety of neutral home decor options. Tweed versions (machine washable) and are indoor-outdoor pillows. Linen, sparkle linen and grey cotton versions are machine-washable, air dry. All of our pillow covers are zippered and include an insert. All our pillows have the designs shown on each side (two-sided), so you can display one side, or the other. You can also order two pillows and display both sides of the messages together. Order is for one pillow with two different designs on either side. Pillows are designed in neutral colors to compliment all types of decor and color schemes.
Pillows are 11x23, 18x18 and we even have a few 22x22. The inserts are polyester mold resistant, made in the USA. Order two or more pillows and get a complimentary necklace.
Other purchase options include totes and pins (to decorate your pillows and totes with) or wear as jewelry. All pins are unique designs to Evelyn Hope Collection. Totes come in a black, machine-washable option or a burlap, spot treat and air dry.