VIOLET JEWEL Pillow-Pin Set-only 1 left

  • $ 49.50


This little jewel of a pillow has a timeless design on each side created just to display and enhance our pins. Set includes removable Necklace-pin shown and comes with a 19 inch chain.

Our vision is to create beautiful, neutral pillows that evoke a positive emotion and make someone smile. They make a personal statement in your home or business and are a heartfelt, personal gift as well. We carefully designed both sides to complement each other, look lovely on their own and match nearly every décor and color. They can also be enhanced and personalized by placing our special pins on them. 

SIZE: 16 X 16 inches 
FABRIC: Linen Polyester
Machine wash cold, gentle dry.          
INSERT: Polyester mold resistant insert made in USA